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  • Accessibility (DDA Part M )

Our disabled access lifts and wheelchair lifts are available in a large selection of different styles and finishes. Our lifts are regularly used in some of the most prestigious establishments in the UK, so you can always be confident of receiving the very best customer service from us. 

  • Timber Frame & Modular construction

Is your building not strong enough to support passenger lift loads and fixings in a lift shaft construction. We offer an extensive range of steel lift structures as an alternative blockwork lift shaft construction, concrete lift shaft construction, or other typical lift shaft construction methods.These structures are a popular solution in all sorts of new and existing buildings, when the walls are not considered strong enough to support a wall-mounted model, or building a load-bearing wall is out of the question. They provide a flexible solution to accommodate the loads imposed by the lift equipment and when combined with glass cladding these structures can enhance the aesthetics of a building. With over nationwide structures installed, our steel frame structures are designed to give you flexibility, as well as reducing building time and costs. Unique to Swansea Lifts, our structure incorporates a lifting beam and negates the need for scaffolding within the shaft- saving both time and money on site. Our lift structure is ideal in existing buildings where the shaft is unable to take the required load or in a historic site where walls or buildings preservation is key. The steel lift shaft construction is built with light-weight construction methods, so is well suited to new buildings where fast construction speed and costs are the main concern. We can install external lift structure, or a full panoramic glass shaft for outdoors, offering a completely new vantage point and a perspective you won't find in many other properties. Our steel structures have been supplied in hundreds of buildings and railway stations as part of new passenger lift installations across the UK. 

  • Low pit & Reduced headroom

Eco time saver platform lift range requires minimum builders work saving time and money on construction. Minimal pit construction (150mm) and low headroom (2850mm). Only 1 load bearing wall required, option of lift shaft steel structure minimising builders work further. flexible designs with various load capacities 450kg / 630kg / 1000kg. Quick turn around, fast installation and easy maintenance. Low consumption 2.5w motor the ideal solution for all your residential, commercial and public buildings for full Part M and DDA compliance.

  • Bespoke configurations

Every building is different, so your lift requirements won't be the same as anyone else's. Sometimes, a pre-engineered lift just won't do. With our full range of lift options and bespoke solutions each lift can be designed and engineered to meet even the most stringent of requirements. Chose from a huge range of materials, textures and colours to really personalise your home lift. Partnering with our suppliers developing new technologies to give the company a competitive edge. Bringing new solutions to life and to the market place, developing innovative safe reliable solutions. Mechanical and electrical engineering background gives us 100's of years of combined lift engineering experience at your service. We thrive on taking on a challenge and developing tailor made bespoke lift systems. ​

  • Energy Efficient – BREEAM compliance

We recognise the need for energy efficient lifts and we have developed a range of lifts which can help your project achieve the required BREEAM rating. BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) assesses and scores the whole building. Lifts can generate credits which can help your building achieve the best BREEAM rating. Up to two credits are available where evidence provided demonstrates the installation of energy-efficient lifts. Here at  Lifts we are always looking for ways to supply goods which use less energy or are better for the environment. Many customers today look for products which have a low impact on the environment which is why we offer a range of energy efficient equiptment from small home lifts to large passenger lifts. 

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