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  • PART M compliant suitable for low to high rise buildings with medium to high traffic

  • New or existing buildings

  • Traditional construction or with steel structure for timber frame/modular build

  • Load Capacities to suit your requirements

  • Wide range of cabin finishes and stylish interiors available as standard

  • Single Entry/Adjacent Entry/Through car/3 doors cabin layout options

  • Fully OPEN PROTOCOL equipment

  • Energy Efficient features (Including BREEAM Report option)

  • Minimum of 2 hours fire rated door entrances

  • Smoke seals, fire evacuation and firefighting solutions

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Our lift portfolio ranges from low rise lift installations to multiple groups of passenger and goods lifts in commercial buildings. Along with passenger lifts, we offer goods and service lifts for bars, restaurants and offices, as well as larger goods and commercial lifts for heavier transport applications such as factories, hotels and other types of commercial buildings. As well as complying with many legal requirements and standards, a commercial lift also has its own list of benefits for customers, business owners and home owners alike. The fitting of a lift within your establishment is essentially upgrading the health and safety status within your workplace. Poorly maintained stairwells and staff carrying items up and down stairs can result in injury. Fitting a suitable lift can eliminate any chance of this happening.

  • Allows access into and/or around the property via lifts for disabled and less able people.

  • Helps overcome mobility issues

  • Increases property value

  • Upgrades health and safety

  • Increases functionality

  • Saves time and space


Low mobility entrances and stairs can make it very tricky to gain access to a healthcare establishment. Whether you have stairs externally or internally, it is important to have adequate solutions in place, so that everyone can access the building. Here at Swansea Lifts we understand that the utmost care and respect must be given at all times during any works undertaken within this sector. We strive to minimise noise and disruption that may present itself during our work. We ensure that our experienced lift engineers and lift technicians are understanding and courteous throughout the entire process, aiming to finish the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.​

  • DDA and Part M compliance included as standard

  • Bed Stretcher Lift configurations

  • Fire Evacuation and Fire Fighting options

  • Energy Efficient solutions (BREEAM reports included)

  • Warden call system interface

  • Following DSDC’s guidelines (Design Audit Tool for Care Homes, Day Centres and Medical Centres)

  • Lift cabin finishes including dementia friendly features

  • Well signed and identified lift controls

  • Simple visual and voice information 

  • Adjustable door opening dwell time

  • Following Health Technical Memorandum 08-02 (HTM) guidelines

  • Service and Trolley Lifts

  • Hospital Bed Passenger Lift (Theatre Lifts options)

  • Bespoke cabin size and load capacities

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Our lifts can cater for both less able bodied individuals as well as the fully mobile. Making sure customers are moved around safely and easily throughout any store is essential. You may have stairs either inside or outside your building which makes access difficult. We offer a wide range of solutions depending on your requirements. We have worked with a number of sports clubs, leisure centres as well as other businesses fitting passenger and goods lifts to swimming pool hoists and stairlifts.We can design lifts that can fit in the tightest spaces

Hotels, restaurants, Shops and boutique owners want to provide as much of a sales floor as possible without cutting off any potential disabled customers. We are specialists in designing bespoke products that are tailored around your needs. Lifts in the leisure sector are not exclusively for large department stores or shopping centres with more independent shops investing in a lift to maximise their sales floor. If your showroom or boutique is split across two floors then a lift can be an attractive and cost effective option. 


Here at Swansea Lifts we supply and install both straight and curved stairlift's. If your stairs run in a straight line top to bottom then you need a straight stairlift. If your stairs feature corners, multiple flights, spirals or turns, then you need a curved stairlift. If the thought of stairlift makes you upset, a practical alternative is to install a small domestic lift. If space cannot be found within a house or building then an external structure can be built either to the side of the house or fixed directly to the house. We know that sometimes you require a very specialised product that might have a very unique use. From a car lift, refuse bin lift, garden lift to supplying portable hoists we can find a solution that’s right for you. 

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It’s vital that lifts installed within educational buildings help all students regardless of needs. So that all students can receive the best education and learning possible. Whether it be internal lifts, an external lift, or a stairlift. We’re confident we’ll have the solution for your establishment. Disabled access is a necessity in a educational facility so that disabled students and staff can get around the school hassle free. Whether it be a couple of steps to access a new block or extension or to access several floors of an existing building we can provide you with the solution. Hoists and slings can be used to assist in the movement and handling of disabled pupils within the building. It can make medical observations and access to swimming pools possible. Hoist's can be relocated to other locations such as changing rooms to assist the pupil in any way possible.

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