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Wherever food needs to be transported between floors, the Swansea lifts range of bespoke dumbwaiters offers the ideal answer. Each bespoke dumbwaiter is tailored to meet the most exacting of requirements and each lift is built specifically to match customer's needs.

All bespoke dumbwaiters come with vertical bi parting landing doors and their own galvanised steel structure and are built to a standard specification. Conventional models come complete with a machine access door. Capacity, travel, speed, number of stops, car dimensions, loading, entrance type, finishes etc can all be varied to customise the lift to match the site requirements.

To satisfy hygiene demands, stainless steel shelves and floors are supplied as standard. Other stainless steel surface finishes are available as an option. A special seamless hygienic car is available for more rigorous requirements. Automatic "hands free" doors are also available to sped up the loading and unloading process. Optional car protection and heated compartments are especially useful in food transporting applications. Special chain drive models are available to make maximum use of limited footprint and in applications where low headroom is a problem, a bottom drive variant is available. 

Dumbwaiter Standard Specification

  • Three phase drive unit

  • Serve up to 6 floors / 15m travel

  • Complete with galvanised steel structure and machine access door

  • Zintec or galvanised steel car with stainless steel base and removable shelf

  • Zintec or galvanised steel vertical bi-parting landing doors and frames

  • Microprocessor controller


  • Additional auxiliary main contactor

  • Phase failure reversal relay

  • Landing push stations complete with car position indicator, lift in use indicator and door open signal

  • Lift arrival buzzer

  • Anti-quick-reversal

  • Overtravel timer

  • Hand lamp

  • Light and socket within machine room

  • Wiring in loom form


  • Full set of warning notices

  • User manual

  • Compliance with EC Machinery regulations

  • Carries the "CE" mark

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